Caskets of Ice

I am so excited to announce the release of my first debut novel “Caskets of Ice”. It has been many years in the making, but finally I can share it with you all 😀  I’ve always been fascinated by the boundaries between reality and the dream world as well as the realm of sleep. If we could control our dreams, it is limited only to the power of our imagination. Though this can be classified as a YA fantasy novel, it has some touches of gothic horror that makes it a dark fantasy suitable for adults. It addresses important and current topics such as bullying, loss of a parent and the determination of characters who are willing to make personal sacrifices to save those they hold most dear.
~ “Dracula meets Inception all set in a fairy tale”  Jennie Aldous 

         ~ “The plot was unique, concerning dreams and darkness, magic and mayhem.                        You can tell the writer loves the written word and knows how to wield them.”           Kimberlee 

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Thank you and hope you enjoy it! ❤️