Tuition Services Offered

Kate is a Native English teacher with over 7+ years of experience in enriching the English Learning Environment in Secondary Schools, including Band 1-3. She has a detailed knowledge of the current HK syllabus and can provide one on one exam practice to bump up student’s performance to give them that edge in such a competitive environment. Her expertise is in Literature & Language Arts.

What Services does Kate offer?

Kindergarten & Pre School

  1. Reading a comprehensive range of books together to increase vocabulary
  2. Speaking to improve pronunciation & phonetics (through general chat or topic based!)
  3. Listening to songs, movies & other resources (audiobooks etc)
  4. Writing to improve sentence structure, creativity & grammar (in the form of story writing and so on)

Each lesson will be based around a children’s novel, with tailor made materials to suit the child. Supplementary materials will be provided in the form of worksheets, activities, videos, matching games, Youtube and so on. Msg for sample lesson plan and rates. Please state the child’s age in your e-mail.

Primary & Secondary


  1. Tailor made material (comprehension passages & exercises on a range of topics catered to students learning pace and weaknesses)
  2. Vocabulary using real life English
  3. Grammar practice
  4. Language Arts through literary analysis
  5. Examination Skills – reading for content vs specific detail


  1. P6 to S1 Interview training 
  2. SBA & HKDSE (Group Discussion & Individual Response)
  3. Debate practice for inter-school competitions
  4. Speech Festivals (Solo Verse)


  1. Creative Writing & the use of literary devices in Literature
  2. Short to long essay writing (organisation and structure)


  1. BBC learning websites
  2. Podcasts, Audio recordings, Youtube and so on
  • Kate has also published her own series of Grammar Textbooks “Grammar Practice & Common Mistakes” for S1-S3, along with a YA novel “Caskets of Ice“.
  • Kate offers one to one, group and online tutoring sessions* face to face or through Zoom. Message for quotation.

For parents, please send a brief overview of what your child is learning, their strengths, weaknesses and hobbies. This may be modified over the weeks to cater to the student individually. This can be included in the main body of your message under ‘Contact Me’.

For further information regarding payment & availability, refer to the ‘Tuition Rules’ tab.


2 thoughts on “Tuition Services Offered

  1. katewjwhite says:

    Hi Christine, it’s very nice to meet you, please do send me a private msg through the contact me page- which will go directly to my e-mail. I’m currently unable to contact you through the link here. Thanks a lot and speak soon 🙂


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