~ Ink ~


They swarm on the breath of a midnight shadow

glossy with the ink of stolen dreams.

Faster, towards a hurricane’s spinning wheel, faster-

draining the sky of its sapphire violet and dying sunset,

of fresh rain sliding down a windowpane.

As shredded paper, they settle on the hillside; paralysed.

Beautiful, stripped, like a shooting star.

Twinkling, as lost treasure under the ocean,

Arching in a slow cruise, their feathers burn to ash

and are taken.

Below, in fields the colour of squeezed limes, strawberries tremble in anticipation

until even the broken sky brushing their cheeks

~ matter no more.


Copyright © 2016 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

~ February ~


Northumberland, England

Rocks tumble over one another
like greasy sun soaked crabs.
Tender lapping waves
slip over their forms;
a distant echo
and through dying embers
clouds drag pale light
entombed in a blanket of mist.


Copyright © 2015 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

 This is part of a “Snapshots of a Year” series I am doing, each month I will write landscape-inspired poetry taken specifically from my 2015 calendar. Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂