Reader reviews for “Caskets of Ice”

‘For she had seen him before, this voice in the shadows. The night her father died.’

“In Caskets of Ice, the author pulls you in with her detailing and dark mystery of the dream world. Within her dream world, you encounter horrors and fantasy. The characters have to battle the ultimate antagonist, who controls the horrors within their dreams, keeping them contained. The author delivers such a beautiful dark fantasy. The way she paints a picture with her words is inspiring. Such a beautiful read. There are even a few illustrations inside. Can’t wait for the next one!” ~ K.R. Bowman

“Kate’s writing is INSANELY beautiful. You can really tell that she writes poetry. Every sentence is lyrical, with really original similes and metaphors. The entire concept of a dream world was fascinating, and I loved the snippets of darkness we were told, from flesh eating witches to the fact that dreamcatchers are just a gate away for the Dream Devil! Reading this literally feels like you’ve fallen into a deliciously dark dream.” ~ A. Bismillah

“This book was utterly captivating, from the unique storyline to the eloquent use of the English language and the images within the story. I for one am so glad the author decided to illustrate her book because it gave so much more value to the story being told. I loved the uniqueness of the storyline, it is so unlike a lot of other fantasy novels out right now.

Casket of ice follows Dinah, who has spent her life troubled by the dream realm. Her life has been anything but normal, especially since her fathers passing, and mystical talking shadows follow in her wake, until she closes her eyes and the dream world sucks her deep into a vortex which is comes to realised is more real then she first believed. Alden the dream devil will stop at nothing to raise his army of dead, In his ice caskets he keeps his greatest creation. Alden has been invading the dreams of his victims terrifying them, but he encounters something he hasn’t before the sheer determination of Dinah, Alysia, and Orion to stop the dream devil, who will stop at nothing even killing the ones they love.

This book is a must read. You will fall in love with the characters and the storyline.” ~ Caroline Masci

“Wow this is such a lush, dark and beautiful world. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this story, but I found it was much more of a horror novel than I expected, which I really enjoyed. I don’t normally like the horror genre, but Dracula is one of my favorites and this has major Dracula vibes. Imagine Dracula meets Inception all set in a fairy tale.
I loved the combination of these vibes- definitely a very original and creative world.

The writing in this was gorgeous- dripping with luscious descriptions and metaphors. It was reminiscent of Stephanie Garber’s prose, which I love. I also really appreciated how the writing felt dreamlike- having the scenes and POVs switch around so it felt like being in a dream while reading the story.” ~ J. Aldous

“Where is it that we go when we fall asleep? It is when dreams turn to nightmares, when we hear nothing but the throb of our uncomfortable thoughts to stop ourselves from fearing the darkness.”

Caskets is Ice by Kate W.J. White is a dark fantasy novel where dreams can be the horror of reality. Dinah seemingly has a normal life, full of friends, school, and the typical pitfalls of growing up. However, in her world of sleep, there is a dream
devil preying on all that she holds dear – steeped in a past that goes much deeper than Dinah ever imagined.

Things I liked:
– White’s lyrical writing. You can tell that Kate is a poet just in her prose: “Faith… It is nothing but the hues of grey between the black and white of clarity.” There were so many lines that were lovely.
– The unique concept of the world building and plot. I liked the idea of a dream world that can harm our reality – or even allow us to entirely escape the truths of reality permanently.
– The book turned out to be creepier than I had thought initially – I love being surprised as a reader.
– While this book is YA, some of the elements of the story felt so elevated and mature, I wasn’t missing anything. I reached for this ebook more than the other books I was reading.” ~ E. Scott McMullen