My Favourite Things

92ac4b5d-3d75-4ab3-9b61-10d855c3031aI think about my favourite things
and the places I want to go
of Roald Dahl and his witches
of mice and candy shops,
I think about the castles
and the dragons guarding gold
of girls with ruby slippers
and yellow brick roads.

Ladies waltzing;
chariots lined with silk
I think of heroic lions
pacing the heart of battle,
of exotic lands and wooden ships
flying stealthily over sand
of tea parties and white rabbits
and the magic of talking books.

Of mysterious black eyed ravens
and winning silver arrows
of lost Peter Rabbits
and wizards deflecting spells,
I think of all these things
and the pages swiftly past
but most of all the friends I meet
that will forever last.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

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