~ Author spotlight & Interview by the Self Confessed Book Eater~

Spotlight on Author Kate White – Interviewed by the Self Confessed Book Eater

Hi guys,

If you have seen my latest youtube video, i did an unboxing of Kate White’s debut novel ‘Caskets of ice’, a beautiful Caskets of Ice is vivid, unique story concerning dreams and darkness, magic and utter mayhem. With writing prose that has beautiful imagery and illustrations that sucks you into the story. It is obvious Kate White  is a writer who loves the written word and knows how to wield them. 

I decided to do a spotlight on Kate and interview her with a few questions about Caskets of ice. 

What made you want to put the images as accompaniments to your storyline? 

One of the ideas i played around with was to have my book as an illustrated novel, but i always found it hard to find an illustration/one who shares the same vision. I’m happy with how the images played out using their own flair, which brings something a bit different to the characters!

What was the inspiration behind your characters?

I had inspiration for the characters since i was 16. I went to an all girls grammar school so there were no guys there! it really was based on a lot of things i read (I used to be in the library most of the time!) and the character Peter was my ‘ideal’ guy/imaginary friend. The character of the bully Alex was actually a main character up to the latter years of editing and the story took a different day to day approach with conflicts (Less of a fairytale aspect it has now). They all had a log of their own backstories that needed to be modified as the plot took a different, darker course. 

Are there plans for a second book in the series?

I have been encouraged to do a sequel, however, realistically if i do, it would be a prequel based around Alden’s backstory to the present day we meet him. However, the main idea mulling around in my head is to have a series of dark nightmarish short stories that could potentially link to some of the themes, (side characters we come across in Caskets of Ice, the parasol girl’s, Dream Devils and so on). I am open to suggestions!

How long was the idea behind the storyline swirling in your mind? 

Though i tell people it was a lifelong process, as much as this is true – it didn’t actually take me long to write ideas down, once i had them. The written parts on and off in total probably took a course of a few months! The editing process, however, the re-writing, axing…(yes, the abandoning!) dragged it on for years. The blessings and curse of being a writer!

Other than that, i write as the ideas come to me, until they form a cohesive, linear storyline that could work with an over-arching theme or moral to teach the reader. 

Check out the full interview at: https://carolinemasci.com/f/spotlight-on-author-kate-white, and her review of my book on her channel:

IG: @caroline_bookeater

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNNRVUrRLLOf9FCbtluEkw

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