The tent sways softly
in summer’s exhaled breath,
emblems of crests twinkling
white and mauve,
budding roses gently dance
weaving a canvas of brazen blue.
A ripple, brilliant sapphire mirroring
the tranquil lily pads,
dabbed from a painter’s jug.
Cat-tails trail loose their limbs
caressing its translucent glass,
bows pulled taunt
as archers release kindred arrows
in a flash of crimson light.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

The Creek

forest_creek-1404790The creek ripples under a melancholy sun,
boughs shift their forms
to shake loose the morning’s dust
and intertwine the feathers of joyful reeds.
Deep in the creek in darkened shade
its tarpaulin a reflective shadow;
the spirits of the water reside
to brighten the hues of green,
under nature’s loving gaze.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

The Schoolroom


Mouths chewing in a mechanical rhythm,
that ripple shadows
on whitewashed walls
and etched wooden desks
with the history of well worn names
scribbled by pens
bent over the latest task.
Not a sound can be heard-
no, not a sound
save the fire raging
in beating hearts.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

The Fortress

castleIt hunches forward, jutting into the skyline
its skeletal legs
spine digging into the rock face.

Memories of soldiers, powdered
dust particles
swept in the winds;
to settle outside city walls.

Eyes yawning, sleep encrusted
like those of beady, black spiders
that harbour
-secrets of its own.

My Favourite Things

92ac4b5d-3d75-4ab3-9b61-10d855c3031aI think about my favourite things
and the places I want to go
of Roald Dahl and his witches
of mice and candy shops,
I think about the castles
and the dragons guarding gold
of girls with ruby slippers
and yellow brick roads.

Ladies waltzing;
chariots lined with silk
I think of heroic lions
pacing the heart of battle,
of exotic lands and wooden ships
flying stealthily over sand
of tea parties and white rabbits
and the magic of talking books.

Of mysterious black eyed ravens
and winning silver arrows
of lost Peter Rabbits
and wizards deflecting spells,
I think of all these things
and the pages swiftly past
but most of all the friends I meet
that will forever last.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

Shades of Blue

6597341247_a01de1f7c3_zMy bare feet
fit the groove of worn boards
sapphire, azure,
trailing my fingers through the midnight shimmer
of soft, lulling waves.
Bathed in the rising vapours of
a swirling mist,
it signals the army of spirits;
riders on horseback
dancing on electric blue scales.
Mountain tops like distant shadows of
ice castles in the clouds
and trees like cauliflower,
that spring as tufts of a newborn’s hair
over the silhouette of a valley touched-
in shades of blue.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

Autumn Storm

Dirt flecks spew the ground as I
dash through the puddles
like rivers that seep on tarmac,
water moulds my skin;
a black lava
mirroring the growling sky above.

My limbs flail through
a moment of stillness
as raindrops shudder,
waiting for that beam
of sunlight to illuminate
all in sparkling white and gold.

Dissolving into grey,
raining dust
as the heavens split their seams
humouring the belly
of a carnivorous beast
as the light fades.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

The Parcel

4311804508_5e3cc7f43bI believe people are like parcels.

They start off nicely wrapped and taped

stamped with fresh ink;

destination marked in black biro.

Some are dropped from the van

others get crushed

as they leave the sorting office.

Scuffed on the floor

kicked and dented as their tape unravels;

words smudged

lying in a pool of rainwater.

Some don’t reach their destination

and countless are lost in transit.

The parcel that arrives at the end of its journey

is stronger;

branded with battle scars.


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

Inspiration #6

swirl-divider4Going Home

They say there’s a place where dreams have all gone
They never said where but I think I know
It’s miles through the night just over the dawn
On the road that will take me home

I know in my bones, I’ve been here before
The ground feels the same though the land’s been torn
I’ve a long way to go the stars tell me so
On this road that will take me home

Love waits for me ’round the bend, leads me endlessly on
Surely sorrows shall find their end and all our troubles will be gone
And I’ll know what I’ve lost and all that I’ve won
When the road finally takes me home

And when I pass by, don’t lead me astray
Don’t try to stop me, don’t stand in my way
I’m bound for the hills where cool waters flow
On this road that will take me home

~ Mary Fahl 


All through my life these words have followed me, and sometimes I find myself repeating them due to the comfort they bring. Hopefully we will find this place, or at least have something closest to it, that we can call home.

Denial, my best friend

burrows under my skin like the larva
of an impending heartache.
I catch myself in the guilty act of a laugh,
a smile- and admonish myself for forgetting
the scales held in the balance.
Still the imposing vulture follows
with his slanting grin reeking of darkness.
To be sure the judgement will come
one day
but for now little one, stay strong

Stay strong…


Copyright © 2014 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)