What to do??


Sadly, I’ve relapsed into a reading dormancy.

…Which also means no book reviews. I’m currently midway between a Wilkie Collins book, “Heart of Darkness” and “Sense & Sensibility”. I’ve never multi tasked with so many books before. I’ve considered getting on the bandwagon for the latest best-sellers but which are the ones to read? 

So I started listening to audiotapes. On the plus side, it’s quicker than reading and you can rest your eyes!

Problem: I haven’t bought subscriptions because a) they’re so costly and b) the public domains I rely on don’t have modern books. It seems there is no way around it. It also requires your full concentration. After a max of 20 mins, the lulling words blur together and I either fall asleep, or zone out and have to rewind it all. What’s the solution??

Here’s hoping I get back to ‘reading mode’ soon!!