What to do??


Sadly, I’ve relapsed into a reading dormancy.

…Which also means no book reviews. I’m currently midway between a Wilkie Collins book, “Heart of Darkness” and “Sense & Sensibility”. I’ve never multi tasked with so many books before. I’ve considered getting on the bandwagon for the latest best-sellers but which are the ones to read? 

So I started listening to audiotapes. On the plus side, it’s quicker than reading and you can rest your eyes!

Problem: I haven’t bought subscriptions because a) they’re so costly and b) the public domains I rely on don’t have modern books. It seems there is no way around it. It also requires your full concentration. After a max of 20 mins, the lulling words blur together and I either fall asleep, or zone out and have to rewind it all. What’s the solution??

Here’s hoping I get back to ‘reading mode’ soon!!


9 thoughts on “What to do??

    • katewjwhite says:

      Armadale >.< I'm still at the same point we last talked about (it's on my Kindle, probably the reason) but i'm just so busy I haven't had time to pick it back up, I'm glad you liked the Moonstone! It's so good right!


      • swongs1126 says:

        Yes! you know, I am going to participate in a short course about Wilkie Collins in England, and the course requires us to have read Moonstone and Woman in White before attending. Some chapters from Bleak House are encouraged to have read too, perhaps it concerns sleuths and detectives for comparison. So it is interesting to read in these perspectives.

        For Armadale, keep flipping the pages and you will be relished by Lydia’s cunning stratagem! 🙂 It plays with identities and fate to its full strength!

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      • katewjwhite says:

        Great! Where abouts in UK are you going to? I was re-watching the BBC series of Bleak House the other day, you should give it a go. I remember thinking it was so good!
        I will try with Armadale! Unfort there’s no page flipping cos it’s on my Kindle =( Maybe I should get a hard copy!

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      • swongs1126 says:

        It’s in Cambridge. Hey can I ask you how does your school react to the protest? Do your students have decisions not attending classes?


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