Flight of Fancy


scotland20090521-36Clouds pass above like weightless trains
as you shyly hide among folds of emeralds,
pulling close grey hems that rustle
embroidered with white, baby pink roses
as they shift their symphony to pass through dusk.
Gravel crunches lightly under your heels
as you glide beneath stormy clouds.
Running- faster, through memory’s slippery fog
and the lane strewn with polished glass
grasping the hope of your journey’s end;
and the lonesome figure dressed in white,



Copyright © 2015 by Kate W J White (All Rights Reserved)

4 thoughts on “Flight of Fancy

  1. Stephen Thom says:

    Enjoyed this, atmospheric with nice descriptive touches and a darker, intriguing ending; I liked the alliterative touch of ‘shift their symphony to pass through dusk’, as well as ‘memory’s slippery fog’. Nice imagery throughout, great piece. 🙂


    • katewjwhite says:

      Thank you so much Stephen! 🙂 I also enjoyed your writing, especially your descriptions and imagery – you definitely have an eye for detail. look forward to reading more of your work!


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