~ “Dombey & Son”, “Villette” Book Reviews ~


Recently I got more Dickens books- some more classics ordered and on their way! (Leatherbound classics, Barnes & Nobles copies- if you have seen previous posts you will know my obsession with them!)

Along with “Dombey and Son“, I also picked up “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte. Any thoughts on this? I hadn’t heard of it before but it seemed intriguing, especially due to many classic lit lover’s hype surrounding Jane Eyre. I had recently finished Ann and Emily’s works so it would be interesting to compare writing styles.

It has been a while, but I am fully committed to getting back to writing reviews! I finished “Gone with the Wind” – it was great! If you like epic historical dramas/romance, you need to give it a try. If you have any recommended readings or requests for book reviews, feel free to let me know. A literature book club sounds fun! (possible to set one up here? haha)

Reviews will be posted shortly.  🙂


10 thoughts on “~ “Dombey & Son”, “Villette” Book Reviews ~

      • swongs1126 says:

        Perhaps I could say I have read it, but not thoroughly. I really need to read these again, so is Little Dorrit! I remember there’s one chapter about an lady with dementia, the conversation is quite funny but I forgot her name. I tend to be more familiar about Dickens’s personal life actually…


      • katewjwhite says:

        Haha! Oh check your notifications by the way, I nominated you for something! and yes i think you know more about their personal lives…that’s something i should read up more on >.<


      • swongs1126 says:

        Thanks Kate, I am flattered. I have scanned through your questions that I need some earnest thinking, interesting ones! I am reading Drood, not that one by Dickens, but it’s a story of first person account of Wilkie about Dickens of his late years. IT is a very big trunk and I hope it works!


  1. swongs1126 says:

    …I want to say that dismally I officially gave up on Drood on page 79. It is tedious and my passion doesn’t live up to his writing.


    • katewjwhite says:

      >.< oh no! it's disappointing when that happens- also when people really give hype around a novel and you disagree with them. i don't know if it's good to give it another try or stick with your first feeling of it? haha


      • swongs1126 says:

        I think it is too late now, I’ve returned it to the library! Actually it starts off really well to me, with Dickens being one of the passengers along with his mistress, and overseeing the injured and the dead at Staplehurst Rail Crash, But excitement trails off when he decided to find someone named Drood who was one of the phantom passengers on the train. I’ll re-visit it very soon 🙂 But got Catcher in the Rye!


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